Burning Links
There is more Burning Man on the Web than you can possibly digest.
Here are a few gems:

Geek Times - 1994-2005. Includes a description and low-res photos of the first on-playa up-link to the Internet in 1994.

Piss Clear - 1995 -2003. Black Rock City’s alternative newspaper.  Piss Clear often manages to piss off the the BMorg and the BLM. Great collection of fake ads.

Playa Chicken - 1996-2005. Nice collection of photos.

Burning Man Seattle - The Seattle Burners Yearbook. 130 faces with playa names and camp affiliation.

Artic/dean -A first timer’s description of 1996.

Acme/jef - Story and photos from 1996 & 1998.

Dprogram - The granola, guns & videotape interview, includes video, 1995.

Technosis/Eric Davis - The gnostic cyber-culture of Burning Man, 1995.

Bincia’s Smut Shack - Sex & grilled cheese sandwiches, 1996 - 2000.

Prometheus/jenine - 1996 -1998. Early Burning Man photos. 

Lenny Jones - 1997-2005. Stories, photos & large collection of videos, burning since 1997.

DATA ------
Pirate Radio -frequency assignments for Black Rock City.

Gerlach, NV weather station & web cam. Updated every minute. 

Voice of Fire - Online resource for burners. How to do regional burn events

“This is Burning Man” by Brian Dorety. 
The definitive history of Burning Man.
(about the book)

“Desert to Dream” by Barb Traub
A decade of Burning Man photography.
(about the book)

George Post photo, 1991