Santa in Second Life:

A Crash Course

1. Get a relaxing beverage in your hand.

Don’t spill on your keyboard, Santa.

2. Go to

3. Sign up for a free account

—give yourself up to an hour for this.

Don’t bother customizing your avatar

— you can do that any day!

  1. 4.Go thru Help Island—

Learn how to walk

How to teleport

How to “take” things into your inventory

How to “wear” stuff

5. Teleport to  Benvolio/169/116/39

Or return to this website and

Click this link to send your avatar to our start point.

Be there by 5:00 PM SLT (same as Pacific Time) or earlier if you want help figuring all this out.

6. Do a search for, and join the group called “Santarchy” (not “Santa Rampage”-- that was last week!). If you aren’t in the right group, we won’t be able to communicate with you.

7. Ask Dusty for your Santa outfit.

OPTIONAL: Get a stereo USB headset if you want to talk instead of typing your drunken ramblings.... SL is voice enabled. Radio Shack has a nice cheap GigaWare model for around 25 bucks.